Intensity & Activity

90 minute classes.

Advanced Boxing classes are designed with amateur and competitive fighters in mind. They deliver high-level boxing instruction with classes focusing on perfecting technique and the mechanics of advanced punches, combinations, attacking and defensive drills. Advanced Boxing sessions are the ideal preparation for those competing or preparing to compete in the ring at amateur and professional levels.

You can expect an intensive workout and boxing instruction with pad and bag work, partner drills, strength training and conditioning.

Sparring is mandatory.

Level & Experience

Advanced Boxing sessions are for experienced boxers with intermediate levels of fitness and are only open by invitation. Please speak to our coaches before booking or attending a session.

Sparring is organised in the gym by your coach and will sometimes entail travelling to other gyms. You’ll need intermediate fitness levels and boxing skills before participating in sparring.

Please note – mouthguards and headgear must be worn for all sparring sessions.

Competitive Fighters

If you’re looking to work towards a corporate, amateur or professional boxing match, please discuss your plans with Head Coach Chris Dunn.

When & How

Advanced Boxing is held at 5.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

One-on-one, private and small group personal training sessions are also available at other times of the day or week.

What do I need to bring?

Hand wraps. You will need to bring your own hand wraps. A variety of wraps are available for purchase from Beat Boxing Gym reception for $10-$15.

Boxing Gloves. We recommend you purchase your own gloves to wear in class. The gym carries an extensive range that are available for purchase. You will need 12-14oz gloves for bag and pad work and 16oz gloves for sparring.

Headgear and mouthguards are required for sparring.

Towel and water bottle. All participants will need to bring their own sweat towel and bottle of water.

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