Intensity & Activity

These sessions are for competitive fighters with intermediate to advanced Boxing skills and experience. 90 min sessions that encompass intense boxing drills focusing on the mechanics of advanced key punches and combinations, advanced defensive skills & competitive fighting tactics, evasive manoeuvres,  and progressive footwork – encompassing all the key elements of boxing.  These sessions will prepare you for competing in the ring at an amateur and professional level. They will include everything from shadow-boxing, partner drills, strength & conditioning training, hand pads, bag work and sparring rounds. Sparring is a mandatory component for the competitive fighters sessions.

Level & Experience

The Amateur Fighters sessions are by invite only and tailored to advanced boxers and competitors.

Sparring – Sparring sessions are organised in the gym with your coach and sometimes entails travelling to other gyms.  You will need at least an intermediate fitness level & boxing skills/experience before participating in sparring.

*Mouth guards and headgear must be worn for all sparring sessions.

Competitive Fighters: If you are looking to work towards a corporate or amateur/professional boxing match – please talk to Head Coach Chris to discuss what it entails.

When & How

Currently Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 5.30 – 7pm.

One-on-one, private or small group personal sessions also available, please contact Beat Boxing for further details.

What do I need to bring?

HAND WRAPS Minimum requirements are your own HAND WRAPS. Hand wraps can be purchased from Beat Boxing from $10-$15.

BOXING GLOVES We recommend that you purchase your own gloves.  We have an extensive range that are available for purchase at Beat Boxing. For these sessions you will need 12-14 oz bag/pad work gloves and also 16oz gloves for sparring.

HEAD GEAR & MOUTH GUARD – For sparring

TOWEL We ask that you also bring along your own sweat towel to use while training & a WATER BOTTLE