Intensity & Activity

Based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) our ladies boxing fitness classes are a full body rigorous workout that focuses on improving muscle tone, weight loss and developing your overall fitness, in a fun and supportive environment. A high-energy 45-minute boxing session that is ideal for toning your arms, butt, thighs and stomach and delivers fast and effective results.. They include core/abdominal strength and conditioning exercises, medicine/slam ball sets, pad/shield work, skipping, body/hand weight and floor exercises, bag burn drills and so much more, to ensure you make the most of your workout and achieve the best results. No two classes are the same!

If there is ever an exercise you’re not comfortable with or cannot do for any reason, we are happy to offer you alternatives to suit along the way.

Level & Experience

For beginners through to advanced skill and fitness levels, pregnant and post partum welcome (following the tick of approval from your doctor) No experience necessary.12 -65yo. Babies in prams, children (that can generally occupy themselves) are welcome in these sessions.

When & How

Catered to work around your busy lifestyle, our ladies boxing class takes place at a convenient time for after-school drop-off. You’re are welcome to park your pram or bring your children to these sessions – We just ask that you bring along something to occupy them for the duration of the class.

Ladies Boxing sessions are at 9.15am – 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

One-on-one, private or small group personal sessions also available, please contact Beat Boxing for further details.

What do I need to bring?

HAND WRAPS  Minimum requirements are your own HAND WRAPS. Hand wraps can be purchased from Beat Boxing from $10-$15.

BOXING GLOVES  We recommend that you purchase your own gloves.  We have an extensive range that are available for purchase at Beat Boxing. However, while you are  in your first week trial, you are welcome to borrow our club gloves.

TOWEL We ask that you also bring along your own sweat towel to use while training & a WATER BOTTLE.