Sharnee Tones

Sharnee is an actor and fitness junkie who loves a workout. She leads our Boxing Fitness classes where she helps clients get fit and improve their boxing.

Qualifications & Experience

After many years as one of Beat Boxing’s best clients, Sharnee has made the switch and officially joined our team! Sharnee has completed her Level 1 Boxing Coaching Certification, holds certificates in Anti doping fundamentals, Child safeguarding and sports and community coaching essentials. Sharnee will be leading some of our Boxing Fitness and Ladies classes. Sharnee loves a good sweat session and enjoys hard training and building her boxing skills.

Passion & Expertise

Sharnee’s day job is a pharmacy assistant, but her true passion and talent is in building her acting career.

What Does Sharnee Do?

You’ll find Sharnee at the head of some of our Boxing Fitness classes, as well as helping out around the gym as one of our administrative assistants.