Stephen Brown

With fond memories of the sports clubs he joined as a kid, Stephen brings the same opportunity to a new generation through our Kids and Youth Boxing classes.

Qualifications & Experience

For more than 30 years Stephen has been involved in sport and fitness, with a background as both a football player and coach. As a boxer, Stephen has had one amateur fight and was involved with PCYC boxing training camps in Sydney. Boxing has always been one of his favourite activities, and the last 10 years have only seen him becoming more and more involved in the sport. Stephen is looking to expand his boxing qualifications and work with clients at all levels.

Passion & Expertise

Stephen has been a boxing enthusiast all his life and he fondly remembers spending his childhood with youth clubs and sports teams. The hard work and discipline he learned in those early years are lessons he’s keen to pass on to a new generation of youngsters through his classes at Beat Boxing Gym.

What Does Stephen Do?

In 2020, Stephen offered to assist Chris with leading our Kids and Youth Boxing classes, and he deserves major credit for turning them into one of our most popular sessions. The work he does with the kids is fantastic for teaching them about boxing and fitness, but also for building confidence and teaching our youngest clients how to work together.