This is the Liability Waiver agreed to when commencing with Beat Boxing Gym.

In consideration for my attendance and participation in physical exercise at Beat Boxing Gym, I acknowledge the existence of certain inherent risks in this type of training.

I hereby agree to assume all risks involved and agree to take full responsibility for such injury, loss or damage. I further relieve Beat Boxing Gym, its management, assigned staff, volunteers and fellow students, from any liability resulting from personal injury, loss or damage of personal belongings. I state that I am physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction and do so of my own free will.


I represent that I have legal capacity and am authorised to act on behalf of the minor named.


By clicking I agree you give permission for Beat Boxing Gym and it’s staff to seek medical assistance at your expense in an emergency if required.

It is recommended that you visit your doctor prior to commencing regular exercise program.

If you are female and are pregnant you must notify Beat Boxing Gym staff prior to the commencement of any classes or equipment use.

Please inform Beat Boxing Gym staff of any medical changes that may occur while you are an active user of Beat Boxing Gym.

Beat Boxing Gym and staff reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities at any time should it be concerned about a member’s state of physical health or the health and safety of other members.